Coin and Player 1 buttons aren't working on Picade Console

Hi there, just built my new Picade Console and installed the latest version of retropi.

I’m using Raspberry Pi 3b with it.

Everything is working fine apart from the coin button (and player 1 button also). Both are “active” and can be seen as they both can be configured as a button in the config settings for Retropi but when using MAME it won’t “deposit a coin” so I can never actually start a game :(

I’ve checked the connections on the HAT and everything seems ok…

If I use a USB keyboard - I can use “6” to put in a coin but I need to use “1” to start player 1 game as the player one button doesn’t work at this point either

Any ideas good folks?



Hello John,

Just 2 question, which helped me solve a problem with sound not working.

Are you using the latest version of retropie and did you do a fresh install?


Thanks Richard, yes I’m using the latest version and it was a fresh install :)



Folks - am I right in thinking that the buttons should simply work for their designed function (i.e. - coin, 1up etc) irrespective of how they’re set up on retropi?

Solved now. Simply by using lmame2003 instead of mame4all …

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Ah Nice that it has been fixed.

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