Button Mapping Issues in AdvMAME


Although I’m sure all my 10 “keyboard” buttons are working (and the 2 volume controls) I’m having problems getting the “1/4” (insert coin) to be recognised in MAME.

I can’t tell if the “1P” button is recognised as I can’t get that far due to the inability to insert a coin ;-)

I’m using advmame rather than mame-4-all as that’s the first one I managed to get ROMs working in.

Any suggestions?


You’ll need a keyboard plugged in as well to start with. Get mame running and then press TAB on your keyboard to get to the Mame config screen, then adjust the Input (general) settings and you can change the key setup for Player 1 coin and Player 1 start to the Picade buttons. Also do the six face buttons too.


D’oh! I’d purposely been avoiding having another USB keyboard attached in case that confused things. I’ll give that a try later.


Quite correct; all that was required was access to the tab key to get into the MAME settings themselves. All sorted now.

Cheers, Ian.