Compatible UPS HAT with Picade X HAT?

I have a Picade with Pi 4 4Gb setup, with retroArch manually installed on top of raspberry pi os.
On top of that, it’s running Home Assistant in docker with a USB zigbee/zwave controler from GoControl.

I’d like to keep it running as uninterruptible as possible, so I am thinking of adding a UPS HAT.
Do you have any recommendations?

I am thinking of pijucice, it’s only using 2 i2c pins and the power supply pins.
Would this work with Picade X HAT?

Does the PiJuice Hat have a stacking header?
Will it supply enough current to Drive a Pi 4 plus display etc?
Your going to need a high MAH battery to get any kind of run time on battery.

Yes, the PiJuice Hat has a stacking header.
I ran into the problem after I connected the USB zigbee/zwave hub. So I hooked up the display with a second USB power supply so that it won’t stress the rasperry pi power supply.

I am not quite sure about the way the Picade X HAT power the reasperry pi with the power button though. I know currently without other HATs, the picade X HAT will boot the pi after the power button is pressed.

But what would be the picade X behavior if there is already power supply from the pins via pijiuce? Wouldn’t the pijuice boot up the reasperry pi directly?

The Picade Hat powers the Pi via the GPIO +5V and ground pins. I do believe it works like the on off shim. A signal is sent to the Pi via a GPIO pin to tell the OS to shut down.
Once thats done a signal goes back to the Hat via another gpio pin telling it it can remove power.
Press the power button and power goes to the Pi and it boots up. Your Pi juice is going to stop the power from being totally removed and break the boot back up part. Power won’t be removed on shutdown either. The Pi will still likely shutdown but remain powered.
If it was me, I’d run the Home Assistant Docker stuff on another Pi and put the Pi Juice on that Pi. Just run the Arcade stuff on the Pi in the Picade.