Connect PMS5003 to Pi with Breakout Garden

Good Morning Folks!
First,I would like to apologise for dumb question but i am “hardware illiterate”.

I have Raspberry Pi 3B and I bought to breakout garden to do my sensor tower project.
I just found out that you just release Enviro+ that does what I did with a few sensors :).
However, I have noticed that you release PMS5003 for Enviro too. It sounds like awesome addition for my project.
My question is:
Can you connect PMS5003 to Pi with breakout garden?

Thanks for answers in advance !

I would say no, it doesn’t use i2c or SPI as near as I can tell. Its wired to one of the UARTS on the Pi.
Taken from the product page
Note that if you’re using this sensor with Raspberry Pi, then you’ll need to make a couple of changes to its configuration. Type sudo raspi-config in the terminal and then under “Interfacing options” and “Serial” disable the login shell and enable the serial port hardware . Edit your /boot/config.txt file and add the lines enable_uart=1 and dtoverlay=pi3-miniuart-bt to the bottom of the file.

And see here

Also have a look at this

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Oh, I can’t buy pms5003 then because I connected Breakout Garden to GPIO and UART are on GPIO :/

Thank you very much for your answer, I appreciate it

Which breakout garden Hat or pHat do you have? There are some extra pins brought out to pads you can solder a male header too. And I see UART labeled on there with two pads marked TX and RX. It might actually be doable. Have a look at the top down picture here.

You’ll see i2c, UART, SPI and GPIO. And 5V 3V and Ground pins. You could skip the male header and solder the wires from the PMS50003 right to the solder pads on the breakout garden.
Me personally I would put a male 90 degree header on the bottom side. Facing away from the GPIO. Then cut and strip one end of a female jumper and solder that to the wire coming from the PMS50003. A female to male jumper may work too. Female to the header on the breakout garden, and the male end plugged into the matching wire on the PMS50003.
Or I guess, 90 female header on the breakout garden and male to male jumpers.

If you want everything connected on the top use a straight header facing up, soldered on from the back side.

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Aaa I got it. I have Pimoroni Breakout Garden HAT and it comes with something called ‘1x10 strip of male header’ so i need install this so then i can connect PM5003 using cable to right pins.

I will buy it and try it :)

Thanks again for help!