Breakout Garden Compatibility

Hi There,

Think I have made a mistake - I have a Pi 4 - and bought a Breakout Garden - but I now think they are not compatible.

Can you confirm this?


Breakout Garden what? Hat, mini, breakout?


It definitely is compatible with the Pi4 (and pretty much any other Pi) - what makes you think otherwise?

I can’t detect any i2c devices when trying to run excamples.

But I looked again at compatiblity and now I can see it is .

I will try again tomorrow to detect them


First, make sure you have enabled I2C in sudo raspi-config.

Before you try fancy programming, it’s worth checking what I2C devices are ‘present’ on your system. Use
i2cdetect -y 0
i2cdetect -y 1
as there are two i2c buses (0 and 1) on RPi. These will neatly tabulate all the I2C devices detected. Should show all the ones you have plugged in and identify their hex numbers.

See I2C Utilities in Linux for fuller description (though it has a typo suggesting to use i2cget instead of i2cdetect in one place)

Also, double check that you’ve enabled i2c :-)

As already mentioned, the Hat is compatible with any Pi that uses a 40 Pin header.
I2c detect won’t run if i2c isn’t enabled. You will get an error message.
Same thing will happen when you run an example, different error message though.
i2c0 is used for Hat eprom detection. i2c1 is the one used by breakout garden.
sudo i2cdetect -y 1
If the breakout is plugged in backwards its the same as not being plugged in at all. ;)

Breakout Garden HAT at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

@NigelPi Do you get any error message when you run an example?