PiMoroni breakout garden raspberry pi 4 - Adafruit Stemma

I am fairly new with developer boards, but I have a decent amount of python experience. I’m having trouble with understanding i2c and why after adding the PiMoroni breakout garden hat on my Pi4 my Adafruit stemma soil moisture sensor is no longer detected. I have the wiring as shown below. When I run the ./install.sh “Sorry, I couldn’t find any breakouts!”, which is expected as I don’t have anything but the Adafruit Stemma soil soil sensor plugged in. When running sudo i2cdetect -y 1 I don’t see the device as I do when I have this wired directly into the pins without the hat on.

How are the wires connected to the Hat? Just plugged in loosely, plugged into a header, or soldered on?

I’m using the headers that comes with the garden, I’ve soldered them on. I have not run a multi-meter yet. That’s what I’m about to do now.

OK, good stuff. It’s one of those “have to ask” questions.
The other question is, how are your soldering skills?

So I fixed a few solder points and plugged back in, still not detected. I’m showing voltage at the contacts on the soil sensor itself so it’s getting power.

looks like I have a i2c pin that’s pushing through, I’ll have to resolder and confirm that is the issue.