Is the breakout garden compatible with RP2B

Breakout Garden for Raspberry Pi (I2C + SPI) – Pimoroni

Will this breakout garden work with RP2B? Just being cautious because I’ve had to return hats that are only compatible with RP3 and later. I would have thought there was no difference in the GPIO but apparently there is even though I’ve never been told what the incompatibility is.

Should be fine. I’ve used mine with a Pi Zero, Pi Zero w, 3A, 3B, 3B+, 4B, Pi 400.
Any Pi with a 40 pin GPIO header should be usable with it.
It just brings the i2c1 and SPI0 GPIO pins out to the sockets.
As far as I know the 2B will run the latest PiOS which should be all you need.