Connecting Flotilla dock to Pi Zero with "rope"


Does anyone know if it’s possible to connect the flotilla dock directly to the usb port on a pi zero using one of the Flotilla micro-usb to micro-usb “ropes”? Physically, this will work, but I don’t know how the ropes are wired. I don’t want anything to smoke.

I did have a search of the forum, but didn’t spot any permutation of this having been asked before.



hello ,not 100% sure ,but i cant imaging the Usb cables are wired any different ,and are just normal cables ,i read that flotilla dock calls for a full size Pi ,no mention of a pi zero,it likely would not supply enough power to the Flotilla dock, but i could be wrong

If I recall, the Flotilla pre-dates the Pi zero, hence no mention in marketing. The world moves on so fast there were neater solutions (eg Astro pi board) by the time the Kickstarter came good and Flotilla was available.

The Flotilla rope is a custom connector that Pimoroni made - it is micro-usb plug to micro-usb plug. It would save the faff of daisy chaining a regular micro-usb cable to an otg connecter to attach the Flotilla to a Zero.

I have used the flotilla ropes as OTG cables for other purposes- just not flotilla itself!

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