Connecting to Raspberry Pi?

Hi - your newsletter has just put this project on my radar.

… I found the original Kickstarter page, and I’m sure if I trawl the updates I can find the answer, but how does the dock attach to the PI? My guess would have been via GPIO header, but I’m intrigued by the fact the input from the Pi is micro USB.

If there is a specific KS update that goes into the specs of the Flotilla, please don’t hesitate to paste the link instead of answering the question (as it’ll likely answer others I may have in a bit), I’m certainly not adverse to do my home work ;-)

hum… not the best homework I’m made lately ;-)

answering my own question:

“The Dock -plugs into your Raspberry Pi with a standard USB cable and provides eight plug and play ports for connecting your Flotilla modules.”

other details at: