"Connection has been reset" after step 4 of Pimoroni enviro pico setup

I’m trying to setup a Pimoroni Enviro Pico-W. The setup works fine until page 4. But even with only local data storage, the browser then shows “Connection has been reset” and the LED keeps blinking.
I’ve retried the setup a few times to ensure it’s not my WiFi password.
Also, I can’t seem to access the log files - the Pi doesn’t even show as a drive on my Ubuntu 22.04 desktop. I’ve successfully updated the firmware to 0.0.9, but that didn’t help either.
Any help would be appreciated.

The last step of the provisioning process resets the Pico, so it’s expected that the website will disappear once it’s completed.

A device that’s running MicroPython it won’t show up as a drive, you’ll need to connect to it using Thonny to view the logs and find out what’s up (I assume it’s the red LED that’s blinking?). There’s instructions how to do that here: