Pico Explorer Setup

Yes, I understand this is a basic question but I need some help setting up a Pico Explorer. I am using a Pico W and try to download the Pico W uf2 and install but once I copy it over it reboots but then it doesn’t restart when I reset. I trying to use pimoroni-picow-v1.20.6-micropython.uf2. Is this the correct uf2 to use for the W and Pico Explorer? Appreciate any help.

Looks to be working fine from here; have you double-checked that Thonny is attached to the right port?

When I re-connect the Pico W I don’t get a pi drive, nothing happens. So nothing to connect to via Thonny. Are you using the pimoroni-picow-v1.20.6-micropython.uf2 file? What size is your RPI-RP2 drive?

You will only see the RP2 drive when in Boot Mode, when its flashed with Micro Python.
That’s normal with Micro Python. You access the Pico W via your IDE, Thonny etc.
Also, nothing will happen on a rest until there is a main.py file saved to the Pico.

Yes, I know. My problem is that I tried to copy the .uf2 to the boot drive but my Pico W didn’t execute it and now it doesn’t boot to the normal drive (no drive shows up now when I reset it). So the only drive access I have is to the boot drive (when holding down Bootsel). Trying to figure out how to get the .uf2 to properly copy to the W so it will boot properly.

That is normal; when the Pico(W) isn’t in bootsel mode, it does not show up as a drive. However, Thonny will still be able to communicate with it.

If you copy the uf2 in bootsel mode, and the Pico(W) drive then goes away it’s because the Pico(W) has successfully loaded it and rebooted into ‘normal’ mode.

TL:DR - it’s correct to not get a pi drive; use Thonny to connect to it.

There’s some info on how to get talking to your board with Thonny here :)

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pimoroni-picow-v1.20.6-micropython.uf2 is what I used on my Pico W Explorer.
Thonny see’s it just fine, once I select the correct port.
Also make sure Thonny’s interpreter is set to Micro Python (RP2040), lower right hand corner.

Ok, I now have Pico Explorer access. I’m coming from CircuitPython (CP) so expecting to see the Pico drive come up on it’s own when it boots. Where are the libs stored? In CP there’s a lib folder on the Pico where you can find any libs that you have loaded. The only way it seems I can see the Pico drive under Micro Python is to use the bootsel button (while plugging in the USB) and then I see a drive. But there’s no lib folder. Supposedly the majority of libs needed for the Pico Explorer are baked into the uf2. Is there a way to see what the loaded libs actually are? If I want to manually copy libraries, where do I put them?

I’m now trying to use an Adafruit BME680 with a Breakout Garden to STEMMA QT adapter plugged into BREAKOUT 1 on the Explorer. Should this work if I use the Pimoroni BME68X library? Trying to get weatherstation_BME68X.py to run. Keep getting the following error:

File “main.py”, line 12, in
RuntimeError: BreakoutBME68X: breakout not found when initialising

Is this due to the fact that I’m using the Adafruit BME680 or something else? Appreciate any guidance.

The Pimoroni BME680 examples are looking for it on i2c address 0x76.
The Adafruit BME680 likely uses a different i2c address.
You will have to compensate for that.
bme = BreakoutBME68X(i2c)
to something like this.
bme = BreakoutBME68X(i2c,0x77)

Or change its address to 0x76, it possible.