Considering the Coupe for Pi3. Issues with ethernet spring clip?

Looking at the picture of the coupe, it looks like there’s virtually no room to access the spring clip on an ethernet cable once it is plugged in, requiring a screwdriver or some such in order to depress the clip. Is that the case or does this present no issues despite what my brain is telling me?

I have this case and don’t have a problem with access. There’s approximately 3mm of the spring clip over the edge of the case itself, if that helps?

I concur. I’ve been using Pi 2 coupes on my desk for months with no problems accessing the spring clip… at least on the Ethernet cables where it hasn’t broken off already. Do the clips ever vary in shape/size/length between brands of cable?

hmm, good point, I just checked three different ones, two pre-made and one I made myself and they’re all the same size…

maybe if the cable was one where the clip is shrouded, it might be more of an issue?

shrouded RJ45 are pure evil in any and all contexts… I have snipped every single one of them I have come across before use in the last 20 years.

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I’ve also taken a razor and cut away the shroud every time I come across them.

Thanks to all of you for the first-hand reports. That’s my sole complaint about some cases is that they make it incredibly difficult to get the clip depressed to remove ethernet.