Convert images with Imagemagick for InkypHAT


i want to convert images with Imagemagick and put them on InkypHAT.
I am using a cron job to run a command like this:

mogrify -type Bilevel -colorspace sRGB -depth 1 -resize 212x104 /tmp/image.png

The image has a very bad quality after this, but InkypHAT can load it.
With other settings (better quality) I wasn’t able to load it to InkypHAT.

Is there a way to convert it right?

Thank you!

There’s no universal right answer- since Inky pHAT is both low-resolution and, at most, 3 colours you need fine-grained control over the colour quantization and dithering of each image to get something passable.

It’s something of an involved topic-

It helps if you pre-select your images for low colour count and large details.