Curl script install issue on Pi 3B+

I’m trying to setup a Picade X HAT USB-C on my Pi 3B+ with Raspbian stretch and a working install of Retropie and I get the error message

The repository ‘Index of /raspbian stretch Release’ does no longer have a Release file.
Apt failed to update indexes!

Are additional steps required before running the curl script?
Or is stretch not compatible? I only saw notes about Wheezy incompatibility.


I’m thinking you will have to go Buster or Bullseye? I think thats something the Pi Foundation has done, as in retired Stretch.

Tried with the Buster based Retropie 4.8 image and the Picade X HAT script runs successfully to completion.

Thanks for your help.

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Good to hear you got it working, game on. =)