Picade one line installation script does not work

I just tried the one line installation script on a pi 4B using the image for Retropie 4.7.1 (downloaded directly from Retropie website). I get the error message shown in attached pic:

The text for the error message is "E: Repository ‘http://raspbian.raspberrypi.rog/raspbian buster InRelease’ changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘stable’ to ‘oldstable’

Apt failed to update indexes!

Any thoughts?


Run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade.
You should get a similar message about stable to old stable. Use apt-get not apt.
Answer Y (yes) to the prompt and you shouldn’t see any more nag screens, and the one line installer should now work.

If it’s any help, you can also do an update via the RetroPie screen in Emulation Station. You select the RetroPie setup option, then Update, then answer OK or Yes to everything.

I did that after installing RetroPie 4.7.1 & connecting the WiFi, then I ran the one line XHAT install, which worked without error. I did get an error during the update about not being able to install a python package, but so far everything is working OK.

@mironc, Thanks much. That did the trick. Regards, Les

@alphanumeric, Thank you for commands - I definitely need to learn more about Linux; for now I took an easier, but longer route by doing the full update. Regards, Les

The stable to old stable is a new thing, first time I’ve run across it anyway. I believe it has to do with the Debian release of Bullseye. PiOS will switch to Bullseye at some point in the not to distant future.
In PiOS I usually just run
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
That got me the stable to old stable message and it failed the upgrade. Running apt-get just the once fixed it so it went away.
I don’t have a gaming setup on my Pi which is why I posted that fix.
Either way, now you can game on and have some fun. =)