CUSTOMER Service is missing - Best NOT ORDER from this Site


Seems that Pimorioni does Not want to help Customers with Account problems.

Seems like they never learned what Customer Service is.

WARNING: Suggest Customers NOT ORDER from this site.


Customer Service - is absolutely HORRIBLE Here.

Just Negative Messages from the site - but My Account still does NOT SHOW Any Order for me (?!?)

  • But their Credit Card shows their CHARGES !

Lousey SERVICE and BOOKEEPING here …


They CHARGE my Credit CARD.

But show NO ORDER - in their BOOKEEPING on my Account.

And, they IGNORE my Requests to Fix this Problem !

How can a somebody be such EGOTISTS - and run a Business ??

  • Does it go against brittish etiquete to say ‘WE ARE SORRY - WE WILL FIX THIS PROBLEM’ …??
    All EGOTISTICAL - very sad … even more because they are SUPPOSED to have SOME customer service…


From their website CONTACT page :

Let’s figure this thing out! Start by posting a message in our support forum.
Please include as much detail as possible


Nothing about EMAIL - anywhere on the Pimoroni CONTACT webpage …
… Can’t find anything there …


I think you have been told clearly why your orders were cancelled.

We DO have customer service, and right now those people playing by the rules I’m sure would prefer your whining stopped so they can get on with interacting here with our community in a positive manner. Call it censorship if you must but it’s time to ask you to go flapping your wings some place else, bye!