Dead RaspberryPi 3


Hello everyone,
I was running Apache webserver on a Raspberry Pi 3 being powered from the USB port of a laptop, with no GPIO stuff connected to it, and when I went to check on my server stuff, my rPi was off, I picked it up and the SoC nearly burned my hand, so I unplugged the power cable and left it unplugged for a couple days (thought maybe a Polyfuse issue) and plugged it back in after some time, the green Activity light just blinks around four times and the SoC gets increasingly hot. Pretty sure the thing is fried. But maybe otherwise. idk, any opinions???


That does indeed sound like it’s dead, unfortunately :-( I’ve heard of similar symptoms before.


A USB 2 port is limited to 500 ma, or should be, according to the USB spec. IMHO 500 ma is iffy at best trying to run a Pi 3.

3B is 400mA bare board current and the
3B+ is 500 ma bare board current.
It’s my understanding that thats basically the not doing anything idle current. Hard to say exactly what happened to that Pi but if it was me, I wouldn’t try powering another one from the laptop USB port. I’d get a dedicated official 2.5A power supply and use that instead.