Dead RPi 3 A+ - 3v3 pin


I am looking for some advice following a dead Rpi 3 A+ i have. Its only been used a handful of times for GPIO stuff and the other day it failed to boot. I’m getting a red led, but the green led which shows the sd card is being read does not light up. After re-flashing and changing out the sd card I discovered the issue was the 3V3 Pin which no longer outputs 3.3v, instead its down to a few milli volts. On other forums I’ve read all comments say that its dead, and to buy a new one, but that’s a bit defeatist and I want to attempt to fix it as I have nothing to lose.

My question to anyone that may know, is the issue likely to be due to a bad diode near the power input socket.


From what I have seen posted on the Pi Foundation forums, it’s more likely the 3.3 V regulator has packed it in. And if that is what has happened, its not repairable. Not easily if at all anyway.
I’m not saying this happened, but one way this happens is the 3.3V pin getting shorted to ground, or touching the +5V pin.

I agree with @alphanumeric. The 3v3 and 5V pins on the GPIO are directly connected to the power circuitry output. If there’s no 3v3 then it’s prolly a goner. Sorry.

Thanks guys. Multiple sources now weigh heavily on the side of “it can’t repaired”. No bother really it terms of monetary spend, I was just trying to avoid contributing to electronics going to landfill. This is only the 2nd ever Pi which has died on me, out 20 ish so not bad really.