Default username and password?

Hello everyone, i’m Wyatt and i’m stuck!
I purchased a Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer Kit on the 12/05/2022 for my 12 year old grandson. And he set up the kit and got on line without any problem what-so-ever. He even managed to update the software. The problem is he didn’t change the default username and password. I have tried everything i could think of but failed. So could i please ask forum members for help. Thanks Wyatt

User: pi
pw: raspberry
,is for default rpi OS/raspbian.
root root
root toor
Are more generic ones encountered as well.
Linux/debian/ubuntu rasp pi os etc… all case sensitive remember.

Hi PiguyAnge
Sorry for being such a numpty but is there a way via the terminal to revert the Pi back to factory settings and start all over again? Thanks

Is your issue that the defaults were changed and you don’t know what the new ones are?

Re flashing the SD Card via the Pi imager will reset it back to factory settings and let you set what the user name and password are.
Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi

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Hello alphanumeric
My grandson either missed out or forgot to change the default user name and password. I have looked on YouTube but nothing worked. Big thanks for taking the time out to help this aged noob. Wyatt

Go to Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration, and there is a change password option under the System Tab. I still use pi for username, I do set a custom password though.