Delivery mix-up

Apologies if this is in the wrong area (and if I seem a little insistent through multiple emails), I received a shipment today and it contained everything but one item, which was swapped with another. Instead of a camera module for Raspi zero, I received a telescope for a mobile phone camera.

Can you email, please, and we’ll get the correct item sent out to you. Apologies for the mix up!

I’ve sent two in the past week, shall I send another? (one was as a direct reply to the order confirmation).
Thankyou and apologies for the repeated messages, I was a little worried it might not get sorted (but I knew it would, as I saw an older post with a similar issue)
Would you like me to delete this support post?

I’ve sent one now and will be patient :)

Would you know anything about how to get the 1.44" adafruit tft display working with the raspberry pi by any chance?

Hopefully you’ve seen the support replies, so I’ll close this thread now. :-)

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