DFRobot USB display driver for 4.4.48


Given that the latest Pi kernel was only released this week, I expected to have to build the driver for this.
What I didn’t expect was that I wouldn’t be able to because the driver won’t compile.

In usbhandler.c
The function sleep_on_timeout is not declared before use (and with the current settings, this warning is treated as an error. Additionally there is a warning relating to a type mismatch in a call to dev_info.

It turns out there is no sleep_on_timeout, which is presumably why it isn’t declared in any of the Linux headers :(

Further, emailing support at robopeak.com gives me an undeliverable notification.

Am I stuck with having to use the userland SDK for it instead?
Are there plans afoot to provide a precompiled binary as with earlier releases.


Strike that.

Turns out I didn’t have the latest version of the code, so my bad. It now works properly, after a bit of research, on the PiZero/W - sadly not yet at full speed :(