Disable wake-up LED flash on Enviro Indoor pico?

I recently bought an Enviro Indoor (Pico W aboard), and I’ve loaded the newest firmware. All works fine. I edited the firmware to disable the pulsing white LED during activity, and also the red LED on errors (because this will be a temperature sensor for my son’s blacked-out nursery). That all works fine too, except that there’s still a single brief flash of the white LED whenever the Enviro wakes up to take a reading.

I don’t see anything in the code that’s invoking the initial LED flash, so I assume it’s a hard-wired behaviour? That’s fine; I just wanted to check I hadn’t missed anything. Thanks.

Yeah - I think the first flash is part of the early wakeup stuff in the Enviro MicroPython firmware and not part of the user scripts. I suspect you’d need to compile your own version to change that behaviour.