New Enviro indoor pico. w aboard - red light

Hi - not sure what I did - started the process to provision. It worked with wifi setup, etc. Came back to it to see what was collected - started it and the red lcd error came on. I can’t get rid of it - resetting, pressing and holding poke, etc. Is it just fried? Thanks - Love the concept.

Have a look see here,
enviro/ at main · pimoroni/enviro (

Normally I would suggest reflashing with a stock uf2 file. I’m not seeing a way to do that with that device though?

Might want to post your issue here?
Issues · pimoroni/enviro (

Hello! Enviro logs everything it does, so you should be able to can read the error log and find out what’s making it fall over by plugging it into a computer and communicating it using Thonny.

  • Install Thonny and open it up, make sure ‘MicroPython: Raspberry Pi Pico’ is selected as your interpreter at the bottom right.
  • Connect Enviro to your computer with a USB cable
  • Click ‘stop’ in Thonny to interrupt any process that Enviro is doing
  • If you get a ‘cannot automatically detect board’ error or similar, you’ll need to tell Thonny which COM port the device is on - you can do this by clicking on ‘MicroPython - Raspberry Pi Pico’ at the bottom right and clicking on ‘configure interpreter’.
  • Open up the ‘files’ window in Thonny so you can view the files on Enviro (‘View > Files’ if you can’t see it!)
  • Double click on to open it up in Thonny and set it running with the green run button. You should now be able to view any errors in the bottom REPL box (it also creates a .log file, which you can open up and view using Thonny - useful if you’re looking for historical errors).

There’s a list of common errors and what to do about them here: enviro/ at main · pimoroni/enviro · GitHub

Let us know if you find a new one ;)

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Is it connecting to your WiFi? I see other similar errors reported when SSID or password contain unusual characters. Try temporarily setting up a network with only simple characters in the SSID and password, and or you may be able to fix by putting the correct values into yourself (the bug seems to be in the ‘provisioning’ app)

Hi - nothing happens. The red error light just stays on when plugged in.

What messages do you get when you open up and run it through Thonny?

Hi - doesn’t appear - only I have an enviro weather pi aboard device and it works fine. The indoor one has a red light on. Poke and reset do nothing - no white light comes on.
Thanks for helping. Appreciate your time and expertise.

If is missing that would definitely explain why nothing’s working! (that’s the default Python script that the Pico W will try to run when it starts up)

You can find it at the link below -

You could try running/saving that to the board with Thonny (open up a new tab, paste in the code, click run and save as, though I wonder if that’s missing you might be missing other files also? 🤔

Let us know how it goes :)

Thanks again - no other files on the device. The enviro weather board (working) has lots of files and folders. The Indoor board is the issue. Where do I find the missing files? I don’t think I can copy from the Indoor board - is that right? I did put the on the pico.

Hmm, sounds like this one missed getting the software copied across during production - very sorry about that! If you’d like to swap yours for a properly set up one feel free to drop a message to with a link to this thread and they’ll sort that for you.

I did just add some instructions on how you can install the software though, if you fancy being the first person to try them out! Recommend cloning the repo and then transferring the files using Thonny for an easy life :)