Enviro Indoor PICO getting started

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Could someone give me a nudge in right direction with a problem on my Pico Enviro Indoor please? I’ve gone through the setup and done the reboot. Once I then give it a poke it goes into ‘warning’ mode with the LED pulsing every second. Plug it into my Win 10 machine and it is listed as an FS device but there is no filesystem mount point… How would I ascertain the issue the warning light is hinting at?

I’ve popped another Pico W in via USB and it does provide a file system mount point.

The Enviro Git page seems to indicates a mount point should be visible to read the config of the Enviro - but I can’t see one.

Tried re-setting the device and going through the setup again - but same results.

I’m suspicious it doesn’t like my WiFi SSID name, but without access to any kind of feedback other than a blinking light, I’m a bit stumped.

As I opened with, could any kind soul give me a nudge in the right direction with this?

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This might help.

enviro/trouble-shooting.md at main · pimoroni/enviro (github.com)

Might also want to post your issue here,
Issues · pimoroni/enviro (github.com)

MicroPython devices won’t show up as a drive on your computer, you’ll need to use Thonny to communicate with Enviro and read its logs:

  • Install Thonny and open it up, make sure ‘MicroPython: Raspberry Pi Pico’ is selected as your interpreter at the bottom right.
  • Connect Enviro to your computer with a USB cable
  • Click ‘stop’ in Thonny to interrupt any process that Enviro is doing
  • If you get a ‘cannot automatically detect board’ error or similar, you’ll need to tell Thonny which COM port the device is on - you can do this by clicking on ‘MicroPython - Raspberry Pi Pico’ at the bottom right and clicking on ‘configure interpreter’.
  • Open up the ‘files’ window in Thonny so you can view the files on Enviro (‘View > Files’ if you can’t see it!)
  • Double click on main.py to open it up in Thonny and set it running with the green run button. You should now be able to view any errors in the bottom REPL box (it also creates a .log file, which you can open up and view using Thonny - useful if you’re looking for historical errors).

There’s a list of common errors and what to do about them here: enviro/trouble-shooting.md at main · pimoroni/enviro · GitHub. Please let us know if you discover a new one :)


Thank-you. Very much appreciate that.

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Huge thanks Hel, that was exactly the information I needed. I’ve since got on, checked the logs to see the WiFi was indeed the problem as suspected. It seems having a space in my SSID caused the issue, it was written as a ‘+’ into the config.py file. I’ve edited it back to a space through Thony and we are now connected and running sweet as a bag of KP’s finest ;)

Again, many thanks.

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Excellent :) I think our software team is on the case with the spaces in SSID bug, so hopefully that should be fixed soon.

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Putting this together with another query, there is a common theme of WiFi connection failing when either SSID or password contain ‘unusual’ characters (‘space’ mentioned here and ‘=’ in the other post).

So if you’re struggling, maybe try creating a network with a straightforward SSID and password as a simple test.