Displaypack in Arduino IDE

I just received a Displaypack for the Pico which looks very cool, and I was expecting to find a library for the Arduino IDE since the Pico is now supported by Arduino as well as another core. But I’m finding only SDK code and the Microphython examples, which do me no good because I need to incorporate the Displaypack into my normal C++ code, using either Arduino Mbed or Earle Philhower cores. I did find one reference in this forum but the information presented was a little too brief for me to be able to implement.

Hopefully I’ve just overlooked it and I’d appreciate any help in finding a working example, either from Pimoroni, Adafruit, or whatever. Thanks!

Its ST7789 if that helps. Adafruit is likely the place to look, Arduino / micro controller C wise.

Let me answer my own question and close this question out, as I’ve modified an Adafruit example to provide a minimum example of how to use the Displaypack in the Arduino IDE. For others who might come across this thread, I’ll pass this link along since as a new user I’m not allowed to post the whole thing… It’s been tested using the Arduino Mbed core.