Do you have an Electronics background?

These days more often than not, you need some basic coding skills and maybe some basic electronics knowledge. QWICC and STEMA help you from having to get a soldering iron out, but sooner or later some here will have to start soldering and mocking up circuits.

I commend Pimoroni for trying minimise this. IMHO, on the other side of the coin, you can learn a lot.

I’m a retired Electronic Technician. I graduated as an Electronics Engineering Technologist. That’s what it says on the diploma.

I did the installation and maintenance of communications equipment, radar, and navigational aides used by commercial aviation in Canada. All the ground based equipment like the Instrument Landing Systems.

Long story made short. I’m no stranger to a soldering iron of schematic. It helps tons when tinkering, and trying to do something with the Bits & Bytes you just bought. =)

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My father is a radio amateur (ham) so I was used to seeing the soldering iron out at home when I was growing up.

I went to university to study Computer Science and have worked as a software engineer since. However, I’ve worked at two different aerospace companies so the electronics side of things (or mechanical/CAD for that matter) have always been on the periphery.

Getting into Arduino and Raspberry Pi almost certainly led to me learning how to design my own PCBs.

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