Does Amiga Emulation even work on Picade?

I’ve been attempting this for a number of days and I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that it simply is not possible. Although I readily admit, I’m stumbling around in the dark due to a lack of knowledge on my part and a scarcity of information on the subject.

It all seems to stem from the Picade’s use of GPIO for its controls and treating them as keyboard input. Amiberry just does not seem to be able to see the controls.

Has anyone been able to setup Amiga emulation on their picade? And if so could you detail how you achieved this? Perhaps a mod could help out too, since I’m sure there must be many others who would wish to emulate an Amiga on their picades.

Hi, check out using the xboxdrv driver to get super control over button mapping! ( This makes the picade act like an xbox 360 controller, giving you great control over button mapping system wide, and per emulator, even per game (I think). Only problem so far I have is I have lost the power off/shutdown functionality which I am going to post about. Hoping it is something I have overlooked.