How to configure/map picade joystick and buttons for amiberry

Hi I’ve had the picade for some time now and I’ve recently started doing amigaemulation which is well and good with my ps3 controller through bluetooth - but I can’t get the picade joystick to do ANYTHING in the amiga emulators like Amiberry.

Can anyone help me?


I have the same problem here with uea4arm and amiberry.

  • Is there a way to use the Picade joystick and buttons in Amiga emulation without modifying and recompiling uae4all (and losing the keyboard in the process)?
  • About uae4all: I have to confess that I don’t understand what “the controls are hardcoded” means while still being able to setup “custom controls” in the GUI (but they don’t work)!
  • Would reconfiguring the Arduino (the new firmware allows it) to act like a pad instead of a keyboard solve the problem? But then, are there no problems with other emulators wo would rather need a keyboard?

@jacom.melin: could you solve the problem?


OK, this seems to be a dead thread.

In case it could interest somebody later, I found a solution which works with amiberry only:

  • install the latest amiberry (I did it from source, it would probably work also from binary)
  • the working settings in the GUI (F12) are: Input/Port 1 = “Retroarch keyboard as Joystick”
  • no other settings necessary

Still trying to find it out with uae4arm, as it seems to be more compatible than amiberry.


I have the same Problem with Amiberry. The Joystick and the buttons doesn’t work.
Port1 was already set to “Retroarch keyboard as Joystick”
Port0 is mouse
I didn’t set anything else in the GUI so far.

Can someone please help. Maybe some printscreens of the working settings would be nice.

Thanks a lot!

Given the length of time that’s passed, I’m hoping there’s a solution to this now?

I’m in exactly the same position unfortunately. I thought going through a few Amiga memories would be nice but, blimey this is not simple at all is it!?

I’m just can’t seem to get the buttons to register at all in games? There must be some trick to it surely? I can navigate around the setup menu via the joystick and plugging a mouse in enables me to ‘initiate’ game screens, but the primary fire button is just competely not recognised. :( The same goes for all the other picade buttons.

Does anyone know the solution to getting this running on the Picade? There must be other members who have got the itch to play Amiga games, right?