Does the OnOff SHIM work with the Raspberry 4?

Title is basically already the full question. In a nutshell, I’m wondering if the OnOff SHIM will work on the Raspberry 4 (with a USB-C Adapter). Any hints, ideas, insights are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I would think it should work. Pi 4 has the same GPIO pinout all the other 40 pin Pi’s have. I would probably use a 2.5A power supply just to play it safe. The product page says “Supports up to 2.5A power supply”. Not sure if that means the shim can only handle 2.5A or not? It was likely written before the Pi 4 was released and that was as high as the official power supplies went at that time.
I initially ran my Pi 4 off of the 2.5A supply with an adapter, with no issues. Plus, finding an adapter that goes the other way Micro USB female to USB C male could be tricky.

thank you for your response! that is exactly what i was worried about - how many amps can the SHIM handle? i will be needing the full power (3.0A) that the official raspberry power supply provides, don’t want to fry the SHIM though or worse - damage the pi

Have a look at this

What do you have attached that will draw that much current? The current rating of the power supply is an “up to that amount” rating. What is actually drawn from the supply depends on the load. The Pi will only draw what it needs. Plus what is needed to power what is connected to the Pi. The four USB ports are imited to 1.2A combined across all four ports.

These adapters should work.

@Crowbot, he needs it to go the other way. ;) He wants to plug the 3A USB C supply into the Micro USB power jack on the on off shim. Thats how I read it anyway. I have this one

Which looks to be the same as what you linked too. It let me run my Pi 4 off of my Pi 3 power supply.

Yes, I misread the OP.

I think they’re the same thing but Amazon’s header title is wrong.

From description:
“It allows you to connect a USB C device with a standard Micro USB cable for charging”

So neither will work for OP.

This goes the other way:

Yep, that looks to be the one to plug a USB C power supply into micro USB power jack.