Does the PI 2 + pibow case include the SD Card?

Looking at the description of the products on

it states “Use a microSD card for your operating system and data” - this suggests the product does not include an SD card with NOOBS. Is this correct?

That’s correct, there’s no official NOOBS card for the Pi 2 yet- the ones in the full kit we’re very painfully imaging ourselves. We just can’t make enough to cover the Pi 2 + Case too. Sorry!

Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I think I’ll wait until that’s in place before ordering then.

It’s really easy to image your own SD card, if you don’t want to wait. But if you’re buying it as a gift then a NOOBS card is probably best.

You can download the necessary files here:

And there’s an installation guide here:

For NOOBS, on Windows, it’s not much trickier than just formatting the SD card and unzipping the NOOBS install onto it.

Well yes - but you’re also out of stock of the WiFi dongle and the short HDMI cables, and you don’t sell the MicroSD cards either, so there is little point ordering right now.