SD Card and the PI2


Is the SD card for the PI2 the same as the one that shipped with the b+?


It’s the same physical size, with the same adapter, but it has a slightly more up to date version of Raspbian on it.


  • A B+ card will only work in a Pi 2 if you update the software on it
  • A Pi 2 card should work fine in a B+

The SD cards we’re shipping out for the Pi 2 don’t have a Raspberry Pi logo on them, but they’re a known good brand of card that we know is compatible with the Pi. There’s no official Pi 2-compatible card yet.


Thanks for coming back to me!
Subsidiary question then is can I buy the PI 2, case and the latest card from your site?


I’m not sure when we’ll have SD cards for sale separately, most likely not until an official Pi 2 NOOBS card is made available.

We are currently writing each and every one of the cards we send out in-house and because this takes forever and a day we’re only bundling them with the Starter Kit.

Right now you’re better off just buying an SD card elsewhere or re-purposing an existing one and imaging it yourself with the downloads and instructions you can find here:

So, short answer- yes if you buy a full Starter Kit, but that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for!


Thank you for the advice.
Excellent :-)