Rainbow Screen on Pi 2

Hi I have just receive my Pi 2 this morning and built the ninja case for it, inserted the SD, hooked up screen and keyboard/mouse and excitedly plugged in the power to be met with a screen full of the colours of the rainbow.

I am new to Pi and this is my first experience of it but I can tell something is wrong! I have removed the SD and inserted it again and checked all connections but all I get is the same rainbow screen no matter how many times I boot up.

Can someone please tell me if my Pi is faulty or if it’s likely to be the SD card or what I should try to do to to get it to boot. I got the kit so using the SD that came with that.




I had a similar problem, when using an SD card that I upgraded from a B+ model. I downloaded the latest Raspian from http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/ and re-imaged the card (there are instructions there too). That worked for me.

Basically what @sportsnsapper said. An SD card used in an older Pi needs updating before it’ll work in the Pi 2.

If you want to avoid redownloading and re-imaging Raspbian you need to place your SD card in your old Raspberry Pi and do the following from a terminal/LXTerminal:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then shutdown and place the card into your shiny new Pi.

Thank you for your help @sportsnapper and @gadgetoid

This was the card that came with my Pi 2 kit (and my only Pi), so should have worked out of the box but never mind. I have now reformatted the card, downloaded NOOBS and re-imaged the card and I’m happy to say it’s now booting up just fine without the rainbow staying on and currently doing it’s thing and installing Rasbian for me.

Thanks again

Ah! That’s a shame, sorry. We’re basically imaging those cards in-house at the moment, it’s a frantic struggle to keep up! Fortunately it’s a quick fix, and I’m glad you’re getting up and running.