Rasp 2 won't boot


I have a raspberry pi 2 it was running the touchscreen and a unicorn hat. I think the power supply died.
I have a new power supply that I know works as it works with my pi 1 but my raspberry pi 2 will not boot. I’m getting solid red and green lights.
I’ve tried several different micro sd cards with different OS which worked before
Also I have checked and I have 5.25 volts on the board pre and post fuse
Any ideas? Thanks


how beefy is your PSU? … realistically you can hope to power Pi+screen+Unicorn with 2A reliably, but that would be the very least you’d least to even contemplate using to achieve that.

Alternatively you could powering the screen with a separate power supply.


Yes it’s 2A. But I’m just trying to get it to work at all. So I’ve disconnected the display and unicorn hat but still not working


how big is the SD and how did you produce the image?


8,16 and 32gb
But all worked before none work now.
Just reformatted and put new image of raspbain on and still doesn’t work. I’m guessing its dead.