DRV8830 DC Motor Driver Breakout

I’m new to I2C so please cut me some slack…
Is there a datasheet for this?
Does the board pullup the I2C lines or does the chip itself internally pullup the I2C lines? Would it be possible to use the DRV8830 with a 3v3 MCU?
Your board claims to have addresses from 0x60 - 0x64, but the DRV8830 datasheet says the addresses are from 0xC0h - 0xD1h, am I missing something here?
Any help is appreciated!

I wouldn’t worry about i2c pullups. If it was an issue I would think it would be mentioned.
I’m using multiple Breakout garden breakouts on i2c with no issues. I haven’t manually added any pullups. The i2c address written on the back of the breakouts is what I see when I run i2cdetect -y 1. I don’t have one of those breakouts though. Mostly environmental sensors here, BME280’s, VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor, LTR-559 Light & Proximity Sensor etc.

The address byte of i2c has 7 address bits which specify the device, plus one bit at the end which signifies whether the transaction is a read (1) or a write (0).

Most datasheets I’ve read give the address as only the 7 address bits, not including the R/W bit. The DRV8830 datasheet seems to describe the whole byte, including the R/W bit, which makes it seem different.

0x60 = 0b1100000  <-7 bits of address
0xC0 = 0b11000000 <- 7 bits plus 8th R/W bit.

So technically the default address is 0x60, but when you include the R/W bit it becomes 0xC0.

The address is changed by setting the state of pins on the chip. The breakout has jumpers on the back which you can solder to set two of these pins, but doesn’t allow you to set all of them, which is why this breakout has a smaller range of potential addresses than the bare chip does.

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Awesome! Thank you I was really confused about the addresses.