Dust Behind Screen


Just finished my PIcade build with a 10" screen. Just about went ok but those last few nuts and bolts are bonkers…

Anyway, all working fine but I have one issue with dust behind the perspex and on the screen. I thought I’d been really careful but obviously not! Looks like a dismantle and clean will be in order in the next week or so but looking for some tips to:

  1. Clean off the dust
  2. Limit dust getting in when putting back together.
  3. Oh and tips on how to actually get the nuts on the last two bolts wouldn’t go amiss too!

I had the idea of using my record cleaning brush to wipe the dust off the screen or is this a bad idea?

Thanks in advance for any help or ideas.

hello ,and welcome to the pimoroni community …maybe put it together in a less dusty environment

We do hoover regularly although having a child and cats doesn’t help!!! I was just after the safest way to clean it before I got through all the hassle of taking it apart and putting it back together again…

oh,i have 2 cats ,so i know your pain when it comes to dust ,good luck

I usually just use the stuff that comes with my eye glasses. The spray bottle and cloth wipe.
Something else that works well is those lens cleaner blow brushes for camera lenses.
I’d avoid Windex etc as that will remove any coating that may be on the screen.
Kleenex should also be fine. I wouldn’t use paper towels unless it was all I had and had to clean liguid etc off of it.
The Perspex likely developed a static charge that attracted the dust.

Big dog that sheds and a cat that likes to clime on top of everything.

Thanks for the advice and you’re probably right about the perspex as I did give it a good clean before I took the covering of the screen which probably charged it up nicely I know this is a DIY kit but I was surprised that the screen came in this way as I always thought that this sort of work was done in a sterile environment for this exact reason.

The dust likely stuck to it after you pulled the protective sheet off. In the old days before the pink peanuts, the white ones would stick to your hands like a balloon after you rub it in your hair. Most stuff is anti static now. What happens after you take it out of the bag is another matter. I try to avoid assembling anything electronic on a carpeted floor. Thats a big no no unless your wearing and antistatic wrist band.
Best you can do now is take it apart just enough to clean the screen, then carefully put it back together. I would expect it to be fine after that. Any dust should just stick to the outside where its easy to clean off.

I would think one of those Swiffer cleaners would be Ok if its new out of the package and not previously used on anything else. .