Picade scuffed perspex screen

edit - turned out to be dirt and not scuffed, d’oh

I received my new Picade this morning and started building over lunch and when assembling the screen I discovered that the main perspex screen piece was scuffed on one side.

This piece only had the white plastic backing layer on one side unlike other pieces, with the scuff on the unprotected side.

I’ve tried cleaning with some damp cloth just in case it was dirt, but its definitely scratched.

Any suggestions on how to remove the scuff or if that isn’t feasible is it possible to ship a replacement piece.

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Yikes! You should drop an email to support@pimoroni.com and ask for a replacement, they should be able to sort you out! Sorry about that.

@gadgetoid false alarm, this turned out to be dirt after all, was able to clean it with some soap and the screen is 100%.

If you ever decide to sell screen protectors for the Picade I’ll buy one to keep the unit pristine :)

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Sheesh you’re a braver man than I if you want to attempt getting a screen protector on an area that large :D

Good news, anyway, large flat sheets of perspex don’t ship well on their own. Happy gaming!

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I’ve got a mark in the middle of mine and one area is quite ‘cloudy’ looking. I pushed ahead with the build regardless as I wanted to get it working. When I get time, I think I’ll have to dismantle the sandwich of screen assembly components and attempt a clean. Fingers crossed it’s not damage.

Funny enough I’ve a mark on mine, nothing large, but annoying. Will try to clean and report back.

I believe we’re changing out cutting process to leave both the front and back film on the screen to keep them 100% protected. We’d previously had to remove one side because there was an etch step (I don’t know what on earth for) that was dropped.

Let us know if you have irreparable damage/marks and we’ll sort you out.