Picade Screen Support Arm/Bracket Tooling Issue?

Hi All,

I recently started building my Picade and I’m wondering if my perspex screen support bracket has a tooling issue? I say that because I can’t bolt the bracket to the rest of the screen assembly without some serious ‘bowing’ and the bowing is to of such a degree that it doesn’t actually hold the screen in place, even with the black rubber ‘feet’ in place. If I don’t bend the perspex in order to bolt it, the screw holes on the left hand side of the screen bracket (assuming I that I have already bolted the right hand side) are more or less the full width of a M4 bolt to the left of where the bolts are. I have images I can upload to show this (new accounts are allowed to upload however), I have tried re-orientiating the bracket and all ‘working’ orientations have this issue.

I’m assuming I have a faulty part but I could very well be doing something stupid (it won’t be the first or last time!), has anyone got any ideas?


I assumed (there wasn’t a lot of info) that the little stickers sitting in the square holes are what hold the screen in place so I just tightened the nuts to apply the slightest pressure to the clear X shaped support to keep it still, but without bowing so that the square holes (and hence little sticky bits) were kept as close to the screen back as possible.

I could be completely wrong, but so far it seems ok. I would love some extra stickers though as the 6 I have don’t hold it as well as I’d like and there are a load more holes. I wonder if they could be added to the store?

Hi Gisky,

Your reply makes me more confident that I have a faulty part, because when I attach and tighten the bolts the bending on the clear is so pronounced that the little black feet don’t even touch the screen and the screen moves around when not horizontal! Looks like I’ll have to contact customer services for a replacement part.



Can you post a photo of your screen setup?


I’ve promoted you to a member so you can post photos. Post away!

Did you add an extra set of nuts onto the bolts through the screen mount?

You thread them through the front, then add some nuts, then the X shaped piece, and finally more nuts.

The “spacer” nuts serve to prevent the excessive bowing you seem to be describing. It shouldn’t ever be tight enough that the front/back perspex sheets of the screen assembly are touching.

Picture 1 - shows the bracket on two screws (bottom 2)

Picture 2 - shows top left (from picture 1) screw nearly a full width ‘out’

Picture 3 - shows bottom right (from picture 1) screw on fully


That’s not right! It appears the holes are in the wrong place!
If you give support an email they’ll send you a new one out today. :)


Coolio, I messaged support yesterday so hopefully they’ll get back to me today and ship out the part.


Hi, I had the same issue with the perspex bracket seemingly having incorrectly positioned holes also causing bowing when fitted. In the end I made a stiff card frame that held the screen in place vertically and horizontally whilst the perspex made enough contact with the screen around the edges to keep it pressed agains the perspex window (but only if I removed the spacing nuts).

Get in touch with support and they’ll send you out a new bracket. We had a hole positioning error when we were cutting them- I binned all the wrong parts and the cutting file was updated so they’re all good now.

So the holes are supposed to be simetrically cutted? The four in the same position? I actually made myself the same question, “do I have a defective part?”, cause a couple of holes are cutted not in the center of the bracket’s corners. I bended the bracket a lot and was lucky that the stickers (only some of then) touched the back of the screen enough to hold it… by now. It is the kit’s part that I don’t like at all, very fragile. I am not sure it wiil survive when I upgrade the screen or every other part which requires to unmount it.

Yes- the holes should be an equal distance from the edges. If you have a dodgy bracket then exactly two of the holes will be misaligned in the same direction- as if they’d been picked up and moved together.