Ebay Scalpers


Does Pimoroni sell Picade kits on Ebay?

If not, maybe it’s something you should consider - I bought my Picade direct, when you had a 10% off offer on, so paid a sweet £162 for it.

I had a browse on Ebay today and noticed unbuilt Picade kits being offered at a whopping £228.79!

And some cheeky chappy trying to sell a pre-built one (with rpi included to be fair) for a whopping £350 (collection only)! For his tidy £150 profit margin he just appears to have put some new artwork on.

Hard to believe these will sell, when Pimoroni currently has 5 units available at the normal price of £180.

I know Ebay/Paypal fleece sellers nowadays, but not to that extent. Maybe Pimoroni should stick a couple up on Ebay themselves?