Enviro + air screen still not displaying data on screen after fresh

after a failed attempt, i flashed my sd card and did a fresh install of PIOS ( with desktop) and the software for the enviro + using the * sudo ./install.shmethod . When i use thonny, the screen initializes ( with the back light turning on) but no data or graph is displayed when i run the code. When i try the screen test, the same thing happens. When i run the screen test in geany, i get this weird error code that says:

/tmp/geany_run_script_9W5WR0.sh: 7: /tmp/geany_run_script_9W5WR0.sh: ./screen: not found

(program exited with code: 127)
Press return to continue

i dont get any error code in thonny. I honestly dont know what to do. I’ve enabled spi and ic2, installed the fonts, but still nothing. I checked the solder of my gpio, and i dont see any issues that stand out. one thing to note, and im not sure if this is commonly seen, when im installing the software for the board, there is a part where it says there is a syntax error, it then momentarily stops and then continues to install the code. im not sure if that means anything.

i just ran the lcd.py file in examples, and I see the text that should be displayed on the screen in command prompt, but nothing on the screen.

Can you post a picture of your soldering on the Pi Zero?
Do you have a Pi with a presoldered header to test the Enviro+ on?
If you have another Pi with header, just move the SD card and Enviro over, don’t redo it all again from scratch, not right away anyway.
If you follow this link you can e-mail Pimoroni directly and get them involved.
I’d put a link to this thread, and the original one you started in that e-mail.

ok, so i transferred the sd card in to my raspberry pi 4, and attached the enviro to it, and i get the same result. So, I guess that means it is an issue with the board?

Yeah, it sounds like something is not working on your Enviro+.
Do the contact us I posted above and I would think Pimoroni will fix you up with a new one.

I sent them a message 5 minutes ago, so lets see if I get a response soon. its a shame that Ill have to wait until I get a replacement. I ordered the particle counter a couple of days ago, hoping to play around with it. sigh.