Enviro full disk problem

Not sure if this has been raised before but I could not find anything on this forum.

I have an enviro weather with the latest firmware on it. While testing it got into a situation where it was not able to communicate with the web as the access point it was connecting to had crashed. It continued to cache the readings.

When I realised the issue I rebooted the access point and pressed the poke button to get the enviro going again. But it would just go to the red error light.

Plugging it into a computer and checking with Thonny I got the message “Disk nearly full” and the enviro would then go into sleep mode. It was connecting to the access point and getting an IP address but it would not attempt to send any of the cached readings.

I deleted several readings to clear up the disk and tried again. It connected and sent the remaining data without issue. It would appear that the enviro, if the disk is full, will not attempt to send any data when the internet becomes available again and just sulks.