Enviro+ LCD doesn't work. Backlight lights up but nothing else

As title says, the backlight turns on but nothing is displayed. Am running the example scripts, namely the lcd.py and noise-amps(…) one and it runs fine just isn’t displaying anything.

Might not be related but I’ve had to run all the examples using python3 (e.g python3 weather.py) to get anything to work at all. Just using the “default python” (2.7.13) gives me errors. E.g running weather.py (python weather.py) returns the error “No module named i2cdevice”.

I’ve tried uninstalling and removing the files and reinstalling but that didn’t change anything.

Try running this from a terminal Window
curl https://get.pimoroni.com/st7735 | bash
And have another try with an example.
You may also need this font.
sudo pip3 install fonts
sudo pip3 install font-roboto

Still have the same error. Lights up but no text and no error messages in terminal.