Enviro w/ PCA9548

Hello all,

I am trying to hook up multiple additional sensors to the Enviro Indoor using a PCA9548. Has anyone been able to do this successfully? I am having trouble connecting to the i2c multiplexer with the standard enviro libraries.

Can you post the relevant part of your code or link to it?

One thing important to note: you won’t be able to use the standard libraries as is. You will have to change the way they access the multiplexer and devices.

With a multiplexer, you need to do the following steps:

  • create a multiplexer-object: this will create additional (virtual) I2C-busses
  • create multiple sensor-objects using the I2C-busses of the multiplexer
  • from now on you can query your sensor-objects as usual, it is transparent for the program on which bus they are