Episode 026 - Proto Mojo


We’ve been busy little beavers developing new and shiny, and making sure the existing-and-also-shiny isn’t left by the wayside.

Jon demos “Mote”, a new, smart, USB serial driver board for strips of APA102 RGB pixels. Use it to add “ambilight” functionality to your media setup, create dramatic mood lighting or anything else you desire.

I demo Picade 2.x, a shiny new firmware that lets the Picade emulate both a keyboard and a gamepad at the same time, with the ability to mix and match keyboard and gamepad keys and change profiles on the fly. It’s oh so shiny! Read all about it: New 2.x Configurable Keyboard/Gamepad Firmware



Edit: Just kidding - I know you guys are swamped at the moment… ;)