Errors in Skywriter file

I’ve just got a skywriter hat and have been trying it out on my Pi3. I find that the file which is called by the file is giving errors.
I see that some indentation errors have been corrected a couple of hours ago on the github skywriter repro, but others remain. eg in the stop_pd function after the if statements.
However even when I correct these locally the file then generates an error from the break command in the connect_self function. (Error says ‘break’ outside loop)
It would be good if these errors could be corrected, as the example is unusable at present.

Also a comment on the example. This is fairly unusable in its present form as the screen output is swamped by move x,y,z output, and it is difficult to detect if the other gestures etc are working properly. I found it much more useful when I disabled the output of move, and then could test out the other outputs much more easily.

Sheesh! I underestimated just how broken was. I’ve pushed up some more fixes.

As for I’ll look into splitting it into different files.

Thanks. Working fine now.
Got skywriter working with python-sonic now, sending commands to sonic-pi. Works nicely.