Expanding PICO W with PICO DISPLAY Pack and Putting in Case

I’ve successfully created my first project with the above where the PICO and PICO DISPLAY are connected by the headers. I know what to:

  • Add a temperature/humidity sensor
  • Enclose everything in a case I can mount on the wall.

I’ve seen the Ominbus breadboard but wonder if there was something I could get to put in between the PICO and PICO DISPLAY to expose the pins for connecting to a sensor.

Also, I’d like a nice cover over the PICO DISPLAY and wonder if there is one or if anyone had designed a 3D Print pattern?


I went this way,

Guess what I built? - Discussion - Pimoroni Buccaneers

Mine just sits on my desk or goes in my coat pocket. This is the expansion board I used.
Pico Proto PCB (pimoroni.com)

Some useful links but still does not solve all my problems: