Failure to find "picowireless"

I have just started to experiment with the plasma 2040 W which I bought recently. I connected the PCB to Thonny and uploaded the “pimoroni-picow-V1.19.11-micropython.uf2” file. I then ran the file and set the network parameters to match my local network_. I then ran one of the specimen programmes ( just to make sure everything was working. I also ran the “network_” programme expecting that this would allow me to verify that the device was connected to my local network but no result. I then tried uploading the later “picow” file (V1.19.14) but to no avail. My ultimate aim is to make use of the Internet “ntp” facility but don’t at the moment know if I can connect to the Internet. A little guidance, please!

I think I have solved my own problem at least in respect to Internet connection. I ran the “” programme in Thonny and had a response from Meteo which proves to me that I can indeed connect to the internet.