Finding a proper small keyboard

I am building a Raspberry Pi laptop using a B+ and an HDMIPi screen, along with various other bits. I am trying to find a suitable keyboard to use, which is a bit difficult, as it needs to be as close to the size of the HDMIPi screen’s length, and around half the width so that it can sit on the top half of the horizontal part of the laptop, with the other bits in the bottom half. It also ideally needs to be really slim, so that I can fit some other electronics underneath. There are many ‘keyboards’ out there, including Pimoroni’s own ‘Ultra Mini Wireless Keyboard’, however the buttons are more like those on a mobile phone, not like proper keyboard keys for real typing.

The Pimoroni ‘Slim Chiclet Keyboard’ looks nice and slim, but I feel that it might be too long, as I don’t want a wacking great bezel around the sides of the screen if possible. The dimensions aren’t advertised, and I wondered how big it was, so that I can see if it’s suitable.

The size of the HDMIPi (in its case) according to my research, is ~230mm wide by 150mm tall.

Thanks for all your help in advance


Our chiclet keyboard is 28cm x 12.5cm! Hope that helps :-)

Great - it looks just the right size on my 2D paper prototype!

One more question - on the wired variant, how long is the cable? I just don’t want meters of cable coiled up inside taking up lots of room.

On the wireless variant, how is the keyboard powered/charged? I don’t really want to have to take it out and recharge it, as I really want it to be a fully self-contained system.

Thank you!

Looks to me like it’s about 1.5m long - it’s relatively thin wire so should bundle up OK!

You could always splice it shorter :-)


I ordered one on Sunday, and I am typing this message with it now!

Thanks for the super-speed delivery!


Sweet! :-) Hope it works out for you!