Fixed color per button with Plasma LED (no sequencing)


Since shortly I bought an 10" Picade with Plasma buttons. Spend some time to get all thing working
properly all together with Retropie.

Taking one step further; I’m just wondering if it’s possible to use RetroPie “runcommand” defined in “game-start scripts” to control the colors of the buttons (each button 1 fixed color)
Have tested with an “echo script” which works.

My idea is to script it something like Blinkt! using color variables instead of using the PNG file without an daemon running in the background because I’ve notice that the daemon is consumes almost 30% CPU and generate unnecessary heat within the cabinet.

In my mind I want something like this; When I start arcade game (NEOGEO style) the buttons will lit up in; for example A in GREEN, B in RED, C in BLUE and D is YELLOW and the rest is turned off or became lesser bright. When I leave the game, the plasma sequencing of colors starts again or all colors have the same color. and starting another style game the button colors change as well.

Putting a single color to all buttons it works. I’m not able to get an fixed color set per button.
not sure of this but it seems that the deamon is changing the color much quicker than I do …

Also the github is pointing me to check “Documentation and Support” for this product but it seems that and does not exist

Have a "novice-level of Python and trying figuring out where to start; I though perhaps I ask here around perhaps someone could point me into the right direction to write a small python script where I can define several lines of set_pixel(x, r, g, b, val) to define the fix colors of each button.

Thanks in advance!