Fona 808 - Can't get to boot - Flashing blue LED


I have a FONA 808 that arrived today. I have connected it as follows:

5V - Powered from 5V rail
GND - Connected to 0V rail
Vio - Powered from 5V rail
Key - Connected to 0V rail
vBat - Connected to 3.9V via voltage divider (as described in the FONA FAQ for use without a battery)

I have no battery connected as I plan to run this from my standard power source.

When I connect everything I get a solid orange LED and blinking blue , red and green LEDS (about 3 second gaps - they don’t all blink together though). Connected or disconnecting the vBat line makes no difference at all. The LEDs flash if it is connected or not and applying the line causes no changes at all.

Should the blue LED be solid when it is powered?

I don’t believe I have done anything wrong. I have been very careful with my connections and have checked them time and time again.

Is the unit faulty perhaps? I am happy to buy another one to test in the meantime (as I have various projects planned with this unit) but would like to know if I have done something wrong of have a faulty unit.


You’re probably most likely to get an answer from the Adafruit forums, since I don’t think many of us have had a chance to play with FONA. I’m going to pop the link here for posterity just in case a solution is posted:

( And sorry for bumping this with no useful answer! )


No probs - wasn’t sure on who best to contact. I have purchased another one today and will see if I get the same results from that. The chance of getting two dead cards seems very slim indeed. It’s fair to say I was very, very careful with the unit as it’s probably the dearest part of the project.

Do you happen to know what the RMA procedure would be if this first card is faulty? I.e. Does it go back to AdaFruit or Pimoroni?

Thanks! T


If it was purchased from us, you can return it to us. Just drop us an email to and we’ll sort you out.