Fona 808 SIM in UK? I can't make any of them work

I’ve tried O2 SIMs, Vodafone SIMs, Old SIMs from Ebay.

Has anybody had any luck?
I’m all out of ideas.

I’ve tried to set the network manually… there IS signal.

What’s going wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


Honestly, I have no idea! I’m not familiar with the FONA sorry, but I’ll see if I can poke someone who is!

Apparently it’s supposed to be a “2G SIM”, but I thought all SIMs included GSM support. Adafruit’s docs only cover the USA really:

I have borrowed a LoNet board based on the same SIM808 chip. All of my SIMS work in that but not in the Fona board I purchased from you. Could I send it back for a replacement? Thanks!

Of course! Drop us an email to with your order details and we’ll get it sorted!

Did your replacement board work as you expected?

I’m looking into getting a SIM808 development board and any tips I can gather from people who’ve already used one in the UK/EU would be dead handy.